Best 5 Blogging platform which makes you money fast.

In this article, I will help you decide which blogging platform is best for you to making money online and you will easily succeed in that platform easily.

There are lots of blogging platform available in the market but its very difficult to choose the best platform which is more suitable for you for making money online.

List of Paid Blog Sites That you Can also Make Money

blogging platforms is a well-known platform for every blogger in this blogging industry and it is used by approximately 70% of bloggers.

You can host your blog on this platform for as low as $2.75 a month which may vary depending on the host you are hosting your blog on.

With, you will enjoy the use of the platform with great features that will help you to make money with your blog. You get access to thousands of plugins and templates that you can use on your platform, customizing it to your taste.

They have excellent customer service that is available 24X7 and will help you in setting up and using the platform.

You can make money on this platform as one of the best blog sites to make money with its unique SEO features.

The platform is easy to use as you can get your blog running in no time and with the free useful plugins available, you can customize your blog to help you make money with SEO plugins, analytical tools, and user-friendly templates. You can make money using Google Adsense, and they have provisions for adverts placement and money-making through affiliate marketing and selling of products, as you can also on your blog.


2. is very expensive as you can spend up to $11 per month using this platform for your blog. The platform has many limitations, and you are stuck with limited themes and plugins which make it difficult to customize your blog to your taste.

You can make money on your blog using the paid version of Wix as you are free to place your ads on the platform, unlike the free version where you are stuck with Wix ads.

Wix is easy to use with its friendly platform as you have to pull and drag to create your platform. And its significant disadvantages are that it has limited plugins and templates that may limit the way you want your blog to appear.

With a few software, it is difficult to grow your blog and make money as easy as other platforms.



Joomla is one of the most popular blog sites that offer a full content management system for bloggers.

It is very expensive, although the first month is free and then the charges can go as high as $20 to $100 per month, which will depend on the options and features you will choose for your blog.

This blogging platform offers a wide variety of options that will enable you to make money from your blog using ad revenues, sponsored ads, affiliate marketing, and paid adverts.

It can be challenging to use, and one may require little technical skills or support in setting up the blog.

4. is less popular and less expensive compared to other paid blog sites with price as low as $8 per month.

The blog site offers minimal features when you consider what other blogging platform offers.

It is easy to use and has a drag and drop software for those that have less experience in coding and building websites.

You can make money on Weebly building an online store as it is easy and has great features that will support your online store.


The least amount you can use to start a blog on Squarespace is $12 which puts it on the high side in creating a blog.

It is easy for beginners who lack any technical skills to create a blog easily with its drag and drop software.

It has fewer plugins and third-party software which makes it less likely to get your custom platform using this platform.

As easy as it is to use this platform, it is more challenging to promote your blog and make money with this platform, and it is more expensive to build an e-commerce store with Squarespace.

It is suitable for small businesses to make money with Squarespace and not suitable for full-time bloggers and big online businesses.


List of Free Blog Sites for Bloggers for make money online.


Are there any popular free personal blog sites that you can make your online business?

The answer is yes you can use  the most popular blog site for free hosting where you can market your online business. It has excellent features just like the paid

You can customize your blog to meet your personal preference.

How to Start a Blog by available blogging platforms:

I Already post an article that how you can start a blog easily step by step here below

How to start a blog and make money online

Starting a blog has become easy as you no longer need any technical skill or coding to start a blog with easy-to-use platforms available.

To start a blog, the first step is choosing the right platform after you have an idea of the content of your blog.

In choosing the platform for your blog, you have to consider the method of monetization you intend to use to make money from your blog. Some of the best blog sites to consider in choosing a platform for blogging are and

While is suitable for an online store, ad revenue, sponsored ads, and affiliate marketing, is mainly suitable for making money with ad revenue using Google AdSense.

Pros of Making Money from Blogging

  • You earn money from your passion from those that love writing.
  • One of the easy online businesses to start online.
  • You require little or no capital to start.
  • You work at your own pace and time

Cons of Making Money from Blogging

  • It takes time to start making money online.
  • It easy to set up but requires work and time
  • You have to dedicate lots of time to the business.


I have been able to list out some of the best blog sites both paid and free platform and their features. With these blog sites, you can start your online business, choosing the right platform that suits you and your budget. Along with the passion for blogging, the right platform is essential in making money from blogging if you want to learn blogging then contact me for more info. here


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